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                                                                   “Cops and Robbers”

was a series of comic book testimonies produced between 2004 and 2015 with the intention of producing comic book TRUE stories for police stations, prisons and churches. The final edition was called 42Life (What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Answer 42…Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). This has now been converted to an online series of stories and a new edition for 2020.

I moved to Cyprus in 2015 So, you may be wondering, why Cyprus? Why indeed…

  1.  In February 2015  I was in church when God said to me (YES there is a God and He loves you), “Acts 13.” I looked it up: the apostle Paul goes to Cyprus and then  to Paphos. I had already booked a flight to Paphos. My name is Paul. Interesting.
  2. The following week the pastor who knew nothing of my situation said, “I believe God is saying to you that you have a very difficult decision to make but He wants you to know that He is in it with you.”  Very interesting!
  3. Before my flight I  randomly bought an action thriller to read on the journey – ‘The Navigator’ by Clive Cussler. Half an hour before landing the villain kidnaps a woman in the USA and flies her to…Paphos to sacrifice her to his god, Baal, in his temple in the mountains….


So, here I am…

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