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If we recently met in Paphos and you want to meet up to look more closely at what the Christians are doing in Paphos, please go to the  ‘ABOUT’  page and contact me.

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Once a police officer, looking for the meaning of life when I prayed to ask God to find a dog’s ball (NO, seriously!) God answered and I went looking til I found Jesus.

Or if you would like to read the last published edition of 42Life which contains 8 stories including Darrell Tunningley (UNREACHABLE), Noel McNamee (God is Good), Forgiveness, and a variety of great articles…CLICK HERE



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‘Unreachable’ the Darrell Tunningley story…


Darrell preached at PCFI (Paphos Christian Fellowship International) on Sunday 31st July at 10.30am. He was very good. 2 Chronicles 7: “If…”



Out of the Ashes is also available here in French. Check it out…picpg1Story of a toddler badly burnt in a house fire and after a series of disasters, about to commit suicide, surrenders his life to Christ.


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Taming the Tiger

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The story of Tony Anthony, kung fu world champion, bodyguard, prisoner then set free by the power of Jesus Christ. Now an international evangelist.
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Front cover C&R 2020CROWDFUNDING
I am currently looking to raise £4,000 to publish and distribute a new 60 page edition of ‘Cops and Robbers’ to be delivered FREE to all the prisons in the UK. You can see the first 30 pages here: READ 2020 Cops and Robbers

If you wish to help realise this please go to my crowdfunding page and donate here:


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